How to Wholesale Toothbrush Heads from China

How to Wholesale Toothbrush Heads from China

Do you want to import toothbrush heads from China?

With many years of experience dealing in toothbrush heads, I can gladly say that wholesale toothbrush heads are a good choice from the home appliances category. 

90% of the world’s electric toothbrush replacement heads are made in China, and both Oral-B and Philips have opened toothbrush head manufacturing plants in China. 

There are currently less than ten toothbrush head factories in China, with very few complete production chains.

Since I have a lot of know-how in this area, I’d like to share some knowledge about wholesale toothbrush heads from China. 

You can quickly learn about it from the following points:

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1: Different Types of Toothbrush Heads that You Can Choose

Oral-B and Philips electric toothbrushes make up the majority of the global market, and therefore their toothbrush heads are also the best sellers.

SB-17A toothbrush heads

1.1 Oral-B replacement heads

Oral-B replacement heads (except the iO brush head) are available in many similar neutral toothbrush heads. 

Oral-B brush heads (except the iO brush head) have the same holes, and only the bristles differ, e.g., SB-17A, EB-17A, EB18-P, EB50-P, EB25-X, EB60-X…

HX6014 Sonic toothbrush heads

1.2 Philips replacement heads

Philips replacement heads (except HX7001) have the same holes, only the bristles are different; there are many matching neutral heads, e.g., HX6014-P, HX6024-P, HX6064-P, HX6084-P, HX6644, HX934…

All brush heads suit for oral-b and Philips electric toothbrushes are newly designed and have design patents; there is no question of infringement.

1.3 Custom replacement heads

Most importers who procure toothbrush heads from China have custom requirements. 

You can quickly get your logo printed on the toothbrush heads or change the color of the toothbrush heads you like. 

Additionally, you can custom the shape or bristle, custom you want the package to promote your brand better.

2: Common Mistakes of Novice Toothbrush Heads Importers

2.1 Non-Chinese Brands

If you know the toothbrush head industry, you are familiar with these brands of brush heads: Oral-B brush heads, Philips brush heads, Waterpik brush heads, and Panasonic brush heads. 

These are some of the most popular brush heads brands around the world. 

Also, most of these brush heads brands have factories in China.

Some of my clients always wonder if we can find these factories and work with them. 

They also want to know if the brush heads’ quality is comparable to that of the prominent brands.

 If so, can you print the brand on the brush head and sell it at a lower price than the big brands to attract more customers?

Of course, this is not true at all! 

Only those unaware of China’s trade policies will have such an opinion. 

Just think for a moment, if the business of the wholesale brush heads were so simple, then a lot of people would be making money very quickly by simply following this practice. 

However, this is not the case because rules must be observed.

2.2 Chinese Famous Brands

There are also several Chinese brands of toothbrush heads, e.g., Xiaomi. 

This brand of toothbrush head can only match his electric toothbrush and cannot fit another electric toothbrush brand. 

The Xiaomi brand has a certain number of users in China, but the number of users is still deficient outside of China.

Even if you have a lot of Xiaomi electric toothbrush users in your country, you can’t import Xiaomi toothbrush heads from China in large quantities. 

The reason is that no supplier will be able to export batches of the Xiaomi brand for you.

2.3 Knockoff toothbrush heads from China

Sometimes wholesalers consider importing imitation toothbrush heads from China to sell in their country. 

However, China is now cracking down very hard on imitation products and has increased the protection of patented products.

Wholesalers usually send their products by mixing them with other goods or unique shipping methods.

You shouldn’t practice this at all as it is still perilous. 

Whether in your nation or China, customs will burn the fake as soon as they find it. 

Even legal liability can be pursued, don’t lose the main goal because of small gains. 

So, when buying wholesale brush heads in China, you should stay away from imitations and infringing products to prevent such problems from occurring.

3: You must know the four things About Wholesale Toothbrush Heads in China

If you want to succeed in doing wholesale toothbrush heads business in China, you should have a certain level of understanding of your suppliers. 

You should know where to find the supplier and know its MOQ, packaging, and customization options.

3.1 Where to find toothbrush heads suppliers?

Since headphones are an everyday household product, finding a supplier is very easy. 

You will have to look for professional toothbrush heads suppliers at different exhibitions that deal in daily necessities. 

In addition, you can find toothbrush heads from the suppliers of the online B2B platform.

Most of these suppliers are from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Yiwu. Also, their factories are concentrated in Shenzhen. 

As a result, you can fly immediately to Shenzhen, see the supplier’s factory, or communicate with them via the internet.

3.2 The Basic MOQ of Suppliers for Different Toothbrush Heads

In most cases, the basic MOQ of each model is 100packs. 

If you mix multiple models to order, then can each model MOQ 20packs.

These are some of the most basic MOQs. 

But if you want to custom package print, then the MOQ will rise and be more than 1000packs. 

Fortunately, the MOQ of 1000 is for the whole quantity and not for only one model. In this case, you can choose between 1 and 5 models. 

If you want to laser engrave the logo on the brush heads, then MOQ1000packs.

Choose the Right Packaging of Toothbrush Heads

3.3 Choose the Right Packaging of Toothbrush Heads

Most toothbrush heads manufacturers use blister packing for packaging the toothbrush heads for their customers; it can better protect the bristles.

Some purchasers want to use an opp bag to pack, it’s ok, but each toothbrush head needs to be fitted with a protective cap to prevent deformation of the bristles.

If you want to use your packaging or use better packaging, you should contact the factory and ask for the price of the packaging and the minimum order quantity. 

Or you can get a packaging company for custom packaging and then send the packaging to the toothbrush head factory to package the toothbrush head.

3.4 Suggestions of Customizing Toothbrush Heads

Since the size of the toothbrush heads is usually small, not many places can customize it. 

Typically, suppliers offer three different solutions for customizing the toothbrush heads.

Custom package print:

Custom package print is the most customized by customers, this kind of customized MOQ is low, low cost, and can promote their brand better.

Custom toothbrush head with logo:

Laser engraving your logo on the brush head will promote your brand more effectively. 

However, the cost will be slightly higher than the previous method, and the MOQ will also be higher.

Custom your appearance:

Custom appearance is a perfect choice for the brand’s long-term development. 

You must apply for a patent on your appearance before customizing your product so that you don’t have to worry about others copying your product. 

When you customize your product with the factory, you must sign a confidentiality agreement.

4: Certifications for Importing Toothbrush Heads

4.1 CE

The CE mark is a legal requirement for individuals wishing to import into Europe. 

It simply validates that specified European standards manufacture your product. 

It includes a wide range of measures and is the bare minimum you should have when importing to Europe, regardless of the type of product you’re bringing in.

4.2 ROHS

The product’s six hazardous compounds are regulated by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Act (ROHS). 

Lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, PBDE, and PBB are dangerous chemicals.

It is closely tied to the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) 2002/96/EC, which establishes collection, recycling, and recovery targets for electrical items as part of a legislative push to address the problem of dangerous e-waste.

4.3 FDA

The FDA is in charge of ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, biological products, and medical devices, as well as the safety of our country’s food supply, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting items.


Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for more than 10 years. If you want to wholesale toothbrush heads or custom toothbrush heads, feel free to ask me any questions.

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